Selective Color & Gradient

For the first time on the AppStore the Selective Color tool, to enhance your photo through 9 different color channels.
With Gadient & Solid Color you can create custom overlays that fit perfectly with the photo.

Preset Manager

Save the edits as a Preset on the "Favorites" category. Preview them presets in real time and reorder them as you wish.
Everything is a layer: 54 Filers, 64 16MP Textures, Curves, Smart Color Adjustments, Focus, Vignette, Color Tint and much more...

Presets Sharing & Live Filters

Share and download unlimited presets with the community. All your presets can be shared on Creatic and ready to be downloaded by the other people.
Also, use your own presets directly on the Camera. You are no longer limited on using only the pre-made filters.

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